Kimberley is an avid traveller, who has already made her way to 28 countries and counting. Currently residing in Melbourne, Kimberley was born in Toronto, Canada. There is no denying her desire and enthusiasm of seeing the beauty in life and in the world.

In October 2010, when back in her native city of Toronto, she decided to take a chance on life. She followed her heart, resigned from her job, packed up her belongs and made a plan – which was a bit of a contradiction at the time– as it was to have NO PLAN. She was determined to live in Australia and figured she would leave the rest to fate. Fate has now become Kimberley's best friend.

While living far far away from her close family and friends she started a blog called Hello Kiki Photos to share with them her lifestyle; travels, fashion and photography which gave her a space of creative freedom.

Now almost 5 years later, Kimberley has taken another chance on life to pursue her passion for photography full time. Sharing her imagery with others is nothing but a dream come true